Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things are moving forward...

I have almost sold out all my previous jewelry and I can finally see the end of the tunnel for my new project.
I have a logotype for my new webshop made by lovely Frida Eklund Edman from Modelform. She also runs a shop with the coolest clothes for children And I love my logotype and the company profile she´s created for me. I highly recommend working with her.
I have decided to sell internationally with prices in Euro too. But my main target group is Swedes, that doesn´t enjoy browsing the web for finds and to purchase from abroad. I´m sure readers of this blog are not my target group :)...
Almost all jewelry I´ve ordered have arrived at home. It´s goodies from Maya Design, Polished, Shlomit, Untamed Menagerie, Joanna Rutter and Vera Vinn. Can you imagine the effort I have to put up, not to bling myself with all of it, like a christmas tree :)!

My premiere date is set to July 15th. If you´d like a sneak preview you can look into the blog I´ve started a blog for my new shop: it´s only in Swedish so far. Haven´t figured out a good way to deal with two languages yet. Perhaps have an english version in italic at the end of each post?

I´ve started to create a bit again too. Mostly I have recycled old and broken jewelry and mixed it with new chains, charms and beads. I will post pics when I have it.

To be continued...

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