Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Huge clearance sale and it hurts...

So I´ve done it. I´ve marked down everything in my Etsy shops 50%. I´m going to move on to new adventures and will hopefully not have the time to create intricate wire pieces.

My adventure is a webshop with jewelry, launched for Swedes at first, but perhaps with the rest of Europe as target in the future.

I will sell mostly other peoples designs. I´m tired of the jewelry webshops that are around here. They are either glam-girl, low-price, crappy material shops. Or they are more arts & crafts like in a sence they are almost pornographic in their love of the material that is used. And they often praise the "Nordic light and Swedish simplicity" too much for my taste.

My shop will focus on a pure love of jewelry. I will sell jewelry in many categories: classical, fun, expensive, colorful, simple or intricate. The thing they will have in common is they are very easy to wear, they are made with a glimpse in the eye and they are feminine.
Jewelry is supposed to be fun and make you feel like the girl you once were, standing in front of a mirror, all dressed up in your mum´s finest clothes (too big of course, but it didn´t matter).
So watch our for news here until I move on to a blog related to my new webshop.


No, don´t think anything can stop me from doing that (except time and a huge succes with selling jewelry made by other designers than me...). I will probably focus on making jewelry, that are less time consuming to create. So no wire designs at this moment.

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kittens and sale

I know I´ve been very absent lately. No blogging, no jewelry making. But I have two wonderful reasons.
One of my reasons are my kittens of course. They need a lot of attention being orfants. They´ve become very social and just adorable little kittycats with different personalities.
The only time they drive me mad is when all four of them are climbing my legs. IT HURTS!!!

The second reason for my absence is my plans to launch a webshop in Sweden. It takes a lot of work. I´ve realized I won´t be able to make the the timeconsuming style I´ve developed lately. No, if I find time to sit at the workbench (which I hope I will not the coming year - I so wan´t to quit my day job), I will have to make jewelry in a style more easily made. So look out for a new Suzy Q collection.

Eventually I will probably close my two Etsy shops. They are too associated with my wire technique. My new pieces will not fit there..
That´s why I have a huge sale this weekend with 50% off. True bargain prices for very intricate pieces. It feels a bit sad. Sort of the end of a period in my life. But I still have my skill and can start making this kind of jewelry whenever I want again... :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Both happy and sad...

Both happy and sad...
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I´ve not been around much. And the reason is our cat Leia (yes, my boys love Star Wars) died a week ago. She got got hit by a car and died. As you see on the pic she left four kittens for me to take care of.

Now my grief has turned into joy. It´s such a bliss to be accepted by these kittens as their new caretaker. They really cling to me wanting the attention a cat mother gives. So I nurse them with a bottle, wash them with cotton pads (imitating a cat tounge) and trying to teach them to be good cats. It´s like I´m thrown back to the days when my boys where newborns.

Today we have a funeral for Leia. My boys decided we will eat roastbeef and print some copies on our printer - the things she loved most....:)

And the kittens have jedi knight names too of course: Ashooka, Eyla, Anakin (the one you see on the pic with half black, half white nose) and Yoda.
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