Friday, March 20, 2009

Bright sun brings urge for bright colours

I´ve been creating tiny intricate stuff for some time now. But the bright sun, inspired me to make some plain colourful pieces for my Suzy Q Trinkets shop.

Normally I don´t like to just string my jewelry. Bores the /&%¤ out of me. But these I actually enjoyed making.

Sometimes I get an image in my head and can´t get rid of it until I create what I see. And it was just like that with this simple design.

I saw a plain row of smooth beads only interrupted by one single silver bead.

Eventually I had made 5 desings out of that idea. All different, but with the single "interruption" in common.

I´m lucky to have two shops, one with intricate designs with only precious materials and one with more simple designs, sometimes made of vintage plastic beads.

See more pictures in my shop:

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