Friday, October 16, 2009

I´m power teacher of october 2009!

I´m so honoured! I´m among several teachers at to become Power Teacher of the month now in October.

Lot´s of thanks to Eni Oken, my own Power Teacher. I bought my first tutorial from her years ago and started my wire wrapping career. When I found her site and saw her jewelry I was totally blown away by the beauty of her designs.

She´s also an amazing business woman. is an amazing meeting point for all wire wrappers and lovers of jewelry. At that site we can connect all over the world and share techniques and support each other. Lot´s of love to ENI OKEN! :)

Other teachers to be Power Teachers of October are BobbiWired, Shaktipaj, Gailavira, Pat Capo and Jewelrygal.


  1. Congratulations, Susanna! You definitely deserve the honour!

    Il Mare Atelier

  2. Thank you! I´m really happy today :)


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