Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kittens and sale

I know I´ve been very absent lately. No blogging, no jewelry making. But I have two wonderful reasons.
One of my reasons are my kittens of course. They need a lot of attention being orfants. They´ve become very social and just adorable little kittycats with different personalities.
The only time they drive me mad is when all four of them are climbing my legs. IT HURTS!!!

The second reason for my absence is my plans to launch a webshop in Sweden. It takes a lot of work. I´ve realized I won´t be able to make the the timeconsuming style I´ve developed lately. No, if I find time to sit at the workbench (which I hope I will not the coming year - I so wan´t to quit my day job), I will have to make jewelry in a style more easily made. So look out for a new Suzy Q collection.

Eventually I will probably close my two Etsy shops. They are too associated with my wire technique. My new pieces will not fit there..
That´s why I have a huge sale this weekend with 50% off. True bargain prices for very intricate pieces. It feels a bit sad. Sort of the end of a period in my life. But I still have my skill and can start making this kind of jewelry whenever I want again... :)


  1. I'm so glad everything is on a roll. Can't wait to see the new webshop. :)

    And the kittens are just TOO CUTE!! Our cats used to climb my legs too when they were kittens. It hurts. BAD!!

  2. Men du - kan du inte ge kurser i den här tekniken? De smyckena är ju helt ljuvliga... Om du vill göra business av det, menar jag - jag förstår att det tar tid att göra ett smycke, men om du kan lära 10 tjejer på en kväll att använda tekniken, à 500:- per skalle inkl material...?

    JAG skulle anmäla mig blixtsnabbt i alla fall...! :o)

  3. Kittens are the most adorable creatures in the world! As long as they aren't climbing up your trouser leg, that is...

    Congratulations, Susanna! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Will it be purely your own designs?

  4. Susanna, jag tycker det är så tråkigt att du ska sluta tillverka dina fina smycken, men jag vet att din webshop kommer att bli ett nytt roligt äventyr för dig.

    Och den där lillakattungen skulle jag gärna ta om jag inte var allergiker ... hur söt som helst!

    Kram tjejen och Lycka till!


  5. How can you get mad at them when they're so cute :)

    I can't wait to see some of your new work. Good luck with everything

  6. I love kitties but unfortunately I have allergy from kittens so i can't have them with me.. So sad.
    kittens for sale


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