Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Huge clearance sale and it hurts...

So I´ve done it. I´ve marked down everything in my Etsy shops 50%. I´m going to move on to new adventures and will hopefully not have the time to create intricate wire pieces.

My adventure is a webshop with jewelry, launched for Swedes at first, but perhaps with the rest of Europe as target in the future.

I will sell mostly other peoples designs. I´m tired of the jewelry webshops that are around here. They are either glam-girl, low-price, crappy material shops. Or they are more arts & crafts like in a sence they are almost pornographic in their love of the material that is used. And they often praise the "Nordic light and Swedish simplicity" too much for my taste.

My shop will focus on a pure love of jewelry. I will sell jewelry in many categories: classical, fun, expensive, colorful, simple or intricate. The thing they will have in common is they are very easy to wear, they are made with a glimpse in the eye and they are feminine.
Jewelry is supposed to be fun and make you feel like the girl you once were, standing in front of a mirror, all dressed up in your mum´s finest clothes (too big of course, but it didn´t matter).
So watch our for news here until I move on to a blog related to my new webshop.


No, don´t think anything can stop me from doing that (except time and a huge succes with selling jewelry made by other designers than me...). I will probably focus on making jewelry, that are less time consuming to create. So no wire designs at this moment.

To be continued...


  1. How sad for us who admires your work so much.
    But I think you are doing the right thing, life is to short.... so I really hope your new adventure will be a sucess. Good luck, LYCKA TILL....

  2. Exciting, Susanna! Good luck with everything! I'm sure you will do well :-)

  3. All the best I can't wait to hear about your adventures hun ♥

  4. Lycka till Susanna! I'll be checking your blog then to read all about your new adventures :)

  5. Susanna, This is how good friend I am, I had no idea what was going on with you.
    I kept reading about your new adventure but, didn't know what it was. Wish you luck and you will do well because you have impeccable taste paired with very loving and sincere personality!
    Please keep us posted on how it goes!

  6. I will really miss your designs but I really hope you are going to succeed in every new adventure you have :)

  7. I found your amazing wire work just recently and only to find out you´re closing :( but I wish you the best luck with the new shop! I hope you will keep us informed about how it goes :-)

  8. Your work is amazing! Hard to find something so beautiful, diferent, new,...
    ...I'm in love!




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