Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dreaming of summer meadows

I´ve added a new necklace to my Etsy shop. This necklace really is an expression of my dreams of summer and spring.

Last night it fell another 4" of snow so the winter keeps holding a tight grip of Sweden. My kids love it though. The snow castles they´ve built in the garden are amazing. But yet, my cat and I agree upon one thing - it´s enough now. Let the spring arrive!

Well, back to the necklace, I´ve tried to wove all that longing for warmer days into this pendant.

It´s a medallion like pendant with a beautiful butterfly, surrounded by a swirly pattern set with spring colours. The pendant is very light weighted though it gives a dense expression. It looks gorgeous togheter with anything purple. And I guess a plain white shirt will go nice with it too.

I had many thoughts of adding more tiny pearls and beads to the chain, but I decided to keep it plain, not to loose the medallion feeling.

Do you agree with me on that decision?

Material:925 sterling silver, oxidized and tumbled to a nice shine. 925 sterling silver butterfly charm from Bali. Pink amethyst, peridot and white freshwater pearls.

Size:Pendant 1.2"/3cm, 1.6"/4cm including the bail. Chain is 16"/40cm


  1. WOW Suzy another gorgeous peice from you!I wish I had wire-wrapping skills like you!

  2. Oh my! This pendant is beautiful - your work is always so inspiring.
    Kristin :)

  3. Thank you! Yes, I feel I´m in a flow right now. There is just not enough time though!

  4. That is really gorgeous! Love it! I just started experimenting with the crocheted wire thing, and it's definitely a different technique than with yarn, but fun!

  5. It is great! A fantastic butterfly! It is a piece of art.


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