Thursday, February 12, 2009

One month with Google Analytics

Now I´ve had the possibility to view my visitor statistics on my Etsy stores through Google Analytics for a month. And I love it! It’s perfect to see the response to my shop activities.

I can see from my figures I´ve been having an average 100 visitors a day to my shop. And during this month a total of 2780 visits. I have nothing to relate to, but it feels like a good enough number for me.

My bounce-rate (the number of visitors who just visited the front page of my shop) are 40%. Same thing here, don´t know if the figure is good or bad.

The best part of the statistics is to see referring sites. A great way to note if a marketing or social networking effort paid of in visits. Hardly surprising Flickr and my Swedish web page are the major sources for my visitors.

The visitors I have almost covers the world map when I look where their IP addresses are registered, apart from the west of South America, Africa except South Africa and Zambia and most parts of the Arabic world. The biggest source are USA and of course Sweden.

Share your figures if you want to! I´d love to see which countries you attract to your webpage, let it be a blog, Etsy shop or ordinary home page.

I´m still amused by my only visitor from Zambia...:)


  1. Very intersting! I haven't even tried looking at the google analytics for etsy..hmm, maybe I should change that! Nice jewelry BTW! :)

  2. LOL... my map looks almost exactly as yours. And I love finding those odd places in the list and go... wtf???

    Btw Susanna... you got an award! :)

  3. 40% bounce rate is quite good! My web and my etsy shop's bounce rate all over 50%. I am also amused by some visitors from Africa.

  4. Thank you nominees will soon be posted here!


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