Sunday, February 1, 2009

FIRST LOVE - romantic necklace

This necklace is made for the monthly Wire Artisans challenge, and the theme for the month is Affair Of The Hearts. My jewelry are normally very romantic, but this time I went all the way and made a VERY romantic piece. It´s all about that wonderful first love we experience where the world are seen through pink glasses and will never be the same. It´s like someone found a key to our most inner chambers.

Originally, as you see on the sketch, I had the idea that I would tie a velvet bow onto the bail. I tried but never managed to tie a nice bow. Think I got to find ready made tiny bows for next project.

You can also see from the sketch that I´ve changed some details. The scrolls are a bit different. These are things that I´m aware of will change when I sketch. It´s hard to grasp how large the finished piece will be – and how many and big details will fit.

What I managed to achieve is a necklace with a “locket feeling”. Almost like a heirloom piece. The oxidized greyness adds patina and looks great with the pink tones. I´m also very pleased with the twisted wire I´ve made by myself. It wasn´t as hard as I thought at first.. JMaterial:925 sterling silver and 985 Karen hill tribe silver details. Natural pink cultured freshwater pearls, pink tourmalines, rhodolite garnet and tiny peridot beads.Size:Pendant 2"/5cm, chain 16"/40cm

You can see more pictures in my shop:

I´ve also started to take pics in a new way. With details of nice fashion adds as background I´m trying to add the feeling I think suits the piece. Not quite sure yet what I think of the result. So I´m trying not to use these pics to much.

What do you think?


  1. This piece is just precious! Love it. I'll let someone else comment on the picture setup - I think I'm very conservative when it comes to pictures :-)

  2. Hi, I was just searching around the net and i came across your blog, I have to say that your craft is really amazing, I think that this piece is really great and such fine detail in it.
    I know you have the size explained but does the picture make you think that the pendant is a lot bigger? Maybe not, i just think that you should put a life size picture if using face.
    Anyway keep up the great and fine work :)

  3. Thank you for your comments. Approving my photos are definitely on top of my 2009 agenda!!

  4. *Gasp!* I think this piece is breathtakingly beautiful. Such delicate intricacy. Very lovely!


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