Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to name your company or brand

Lately I´ve been reading a lot about how to name companies and brands.

I´m thinking about opening a jewelry store in Sweden and need a great name. I´ve browsed the web and found a bunch of things to consider when picking a name.

Here are some of the ideas I´ve found useful.

  • Get an “umbrella” name. If you are going to sell jewelry, don´t have a name with jewelry in it. What if you want to start selling scarves too? (That means my current name sucks :)) The name should still work if you want to expand.

  • Search the web to see if the company name is free as a domain address.

  • The name doesn´t have to have a meaning. You can always fill it with meaning with an underline, that you can drop when your name is established. That means nonsense names are OK.

  • Short names, and names with hard sounds are remembered more easily. Google, Kodak, Plurk are great examples.

  • Make sure your company name is easy to spell.

  • Brainstorm to find your name. Start with what you want your name to be associated with. Mix letters and give the words new endings like –ax, -ex, -or, -er, -ac, -oc.

Still can´t find a name? Try Breadline Design Naming Machine! :)


  1. Good ideas Susanna. I guess I kind of limited myself with JoslinJewels, eh? :)

    I wish you much success with your business endeavors.

  2. Oh so does that mean gemheaven is quite good .. :)

    Oh a jewellery store would be fab :) Ask Nicola of Kianda !

  3. Thank you Sheridan! Not easy this company naming thing. :)
    And Jo, thanks for telling about Kianda. I´ll go check out Nicolas shop.

  4. Great post - I love reading about what is going on in other people's lives (inherently nosey I guess). I think a company name should retain a bit of you in it. How about just 'Suzy Q'? It's short and catchy.

    Good luck with your venture
    Kristin :)

  5. Think I will keep Suzy Q as a brand name. I intend to sell jewelry from more people than me, so the shop need another name......:)
    And thank you for your warm wishes Kristin!

  6. What an exciting venture! Finding a name is either hard or it is already there. You may already have what you want in mind but you keep looking for something better??? Can't wait to hear what you decide on!

  7. Suzy, spot on!
    I am trying to figure out The Name as well. Everything sucks ;)
    Good luck with this challenge!

  8. These are great tips, Susanna. Thank you for sharing.


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