Saturday, February 28, 2009

WHITE LILY - more innocent white jewelry

Today I´ve been struggling with making my tiniest earrings with this technique ever. Just be happy the ugly words I used while doing it are´nt wrapped into the design.

First I had the intention to make the swirls a bit differently. But I couldn´t manage to get the wires to fit into these tiny drop shapes. So I used a very familiar design in the end.

I´m pleased though. They look so fabulous on and I´m proud to have achived this even though they are so small. The drop are no more than 0.66"!

I named them White Lily due to their innocent appearance. Actually my name, Susanna, is hebrew for white lily. At least I´ve been told so... :)

925 sterling silver and 999 fine silver wire and findings. Oxidized and tumbled to a nice shine. Freshwater pearls and rock crystal rondelles.

1.77"/4,5cm including earwires. The focal part is less than 1"!


  1. Oh wow. They are just so, so beautiful. Definitely worth all the effort and swear words!

  2. They are, Laura. But I think I will use a thinner gauge next time...

  3. Gorgeous! I'm not sure they are really that small - I'll need to inspect them in person... :P

  4. I think she should send them my way, Natalia. I believe you Susanna!!! Hey, White Lilly is a beautiful name for a jewelry boutique! ;)

  5. Ok I am closer then any one of you so I'LL inspect them. Ok!?

    And I think I know what words you used. I use them frequently too. I'm terrible at swearing... but it feels so good afterwards. LOL

  6. stunning....these are gorgeous

    out visiting tonight making some new friends..
    your smile grabbed me....glad I popped in for a visit
    hope u see some sunshine tomorrow

    mona & the girls

  7. Nope, no sunshine outdoors. But my four newborn kittens are sunshine enough for me!! :)

    Thank you Mona!

    And Jo: Susanna actually means White Lilly in hebrew - you are on to something there!


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