Monday, January 5, 2009

First step...

So I´ve taken the first step! I´m with blog too - as every normal human being seems to be.
With this blog I will try to gather all ends of my split personality and try to give an image of what lies behind the jewelry I create.

I guess one post or two about my everyday life will end up here too....But that´s just me. I tend to go off in all directions at once - all the time :)



  1. Way to go Susanna!! I was a reluctant blogger too. They had to reel me in, kicking and screaming. But now... well, let's just say it's addictive. :) Good luck hun.

  2. Thank you! I need support. I´m good at starting things and...sort of...not good at keep things going...
    Welcome as a follower :)!

  3. Hej Susanna! I look forward to reading your posts :-) Cheers, Lotta

  4. Cool that you got yourself a blog!
    Good luck with it / Lycka till! ;)


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