Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who links to your website?

I amused myself this morning with searching for sites who link to my Etsy shops and my blog. And I found many interesting sites and news about my business (!!!). So I thought I´d share with you on how to do this in an easy and fast way. Probably most of you know of this simple action, but I just found out.

Just go to and write "link:" and your url adress without the http thing. Example:

I found several blogs and social shopping sites where people have recommended my jewelry. It even works with sites where they just wrote your adress without attaching a hyperlink.

So thank you Pandabear 18788 for recommending my SLEEPING BEAUTY and THE GIRL IN ME necklace on This Next. And thank you With this ring I thee obsess and Charming Paper blog for recommending my jewelry for future brides.

I also found out I´m now a proud member of Self-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer (SRAJD member 1797)!!!

Now someone may think you can find this out from Google Analytics or Statcounter. But to actually see sites who link to you there takes that someone clicked on the link. By using this easy Google way you´ll see sites with information about you without clicks.

So what do you make out of the information you get? Not quite sure. But approving your confidece is a result good enough.....:)


  1. Hear hear.... I had to do it right away. Yaay... confidence is up!! :P

  2. Thankyou Suzy - what a cool feature!

  3. Google Analytics rocks!
    It is so much fun to try to analyze the results! ;)

  4. Oooh, what a fabulous thing to learn about!! Thank you, Susanna, for sharing xoxoxoxo


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