Friday, January 16, 2009

RETURN OF INNOCENSE - new necklace

This is a piece I started sketching on as my contribution to The Wire Artisans Guild challenge ART NOUVEAU. But somewhere along the way it travelled in time and ended up more as an EDWARDIAN piece. But the two styles where very close to each other in time.

The Edwardian era are sometimes referred to as the “belle époque”. Swirly intricate designs where common and platinum and pearls where highly preciated.

Read more about the Edwardian era and the jewelry of that tim at “Antique jewelry at Topazery”.
Even if this necklace doesn´t fit as an entry for the challenge, I like it a lot. So swirly, and intricate.

With this piece I wanted to give more density to the style I usually have, and I really think I managed to achive it. Even though it took me more steps than usual.

As you can see on the pic showing the sketch and the finished result I made some changes while creating as usual. And at first I left the piece shiny but decided to oxidize to enhance the detail.

This piece is so feminine, in a way women strived to achive in the past millenium, so what name could be better than the titel of the old ENIGMA song RETURN OF THE INNOCENSE.

Material: A lot of sterling silver went into this piece! 925 sterling silver wire and findings. Hundreds of tiny 1mm 985 silver Karen Hill tribe beads. Cultured white fresh water pearls.Oxidized to enhance the details.

Size:Chain 11", pendant 3" including bail, 2.5" without bail and ring.


  1. Suzy, I love shiny, unoxidized silver but in this piece, you're right, without being oxidized, it wouldn't do it justice. The more intricately a piece is wirewrapped, the more it needs some oxidation to highlight the detail.

    Already gave accolades to your piece on Flickr but doesn't hurt to again say how very beautiful this is!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous work! Lovely!

  3. Wow! I am In love with this. There is so much detail. Gorgeous!

  4. Suzy, once more - I am totally speechless about this one. Congratulations to a new masterpiece!

  5. Hej Suzy!
    Jag vill bara säga att jag har varit ett fan av dina smycken sedan jag såg de första gången på pärlplatsen! Varje gång du lägger upp något nytt blir jag glad och fascinerad! Lägger själv upp lite på pärlplatsen under namnet Miranda och har många gånger fått inspiration från dina alster :)
    Mvh Miranda

  6. Hej!
    Vilket otroligt vackert smycke! Sag, hur lang tid tog det att gora?

  7. Tack Miranda! Tack Tess! Halsbandet tog en hel dag att göra. Först löda stommen,vira in allt i tunn tråd. göra dekorationerna och fästa. Sen börjar jobbet med att göra kedjan :). Borde egentligen ta mer betalt för det här än jag gör....:)

  8. Du borde absolut ta mer betalt!!!

  9. Elegant white fresh water pearls decoration on this necklace!! I juts love to pick this one!!


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